BREAKING: Tommy Robinson sentenced to prison again — for journalism

Tommy Robinson has been sent back to prison — for the second time, for the “crime” of live-streaming his political commentary outside the trial of a rape gang in Leeds in 2018.

That political broadcast was deemed “contempt of court” even though it did not disrupt the trial, which successfully convicted the rapists.

Nonetheless, moments ago Dame Victoria Sharp and Justice Mark Warby sentenced Tommy to six months in prison. She also activated the previous suspended sentence against him, by a court in Canterbury back in 2017. That’s nine months.

By law, Tommy’s sentence will be reduced to take into account the time already served. In the end, the judge calculated, he’ll be sent to jail for 19 weeks, and let out half-way.

That’s more than two months in prison, for giving his opinions on Facebook.

If a journalist in Russia or Venezuela were to be punished in this manner, we’d call him a political prisoner.

So what do we call it when it happens in the UK?

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